WEBINAR | Tools for improving the design and implementation of humanitarian energy actions | 4th August (I session) & 12th September 2017 (II session)

The SET4food project, in collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano, hosted two session webinars on Tools for improving the design and implementation of humanitarian energy actions. The first session focused on the main key steps to be considered for a comprehensive energy planning in the sectors of food processing and preservation, power production and water management. The second webinar session gave the opportunity of applying the acquired knowledge on real cases and collect feedback on the tools and their applicability. These webinars were useful to tackle needs identification, baseline load demand and forecast, resources assessment and technologies selection. At the same time, it presented useful tools designed for supporting projects implementation in the energy sector (oriented to food preservation, food cooking, water pumping, water treatment, powering): the Decision Support System, Monitoring procedures and Indicators, Performance and Impact evaluation Framework. These tools are especially targeted to project managers, program managers and similar roles, for support projects planning, implementation and monitoring in the energy sector.

Watch the webinar here


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