Sorption heat driven



Sorption refrigeration technologies are thermally driven systems, in which the conventional mechanical compressor of the common vapour compressor cycle is replaced by a "thermal compressor" and a sorbent.

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  • Few or no moving parts and simple to manufacture;
  • Different energy sources can be used (waste heat, solar and thermal energy or traditional fuels) ;
  • A number of self-produced prototypes in developing countries;
  • Low or no effect on a food's taste or texture;
  • Lower costs than vapour compressor;
  • Can be operated with relatively low temperature heat sources.


  • Energy consumption (sun or fuel; no electricity);
  • Flammable fluids could result in fires and burns
  • If kerosene or flammable fluids are used the machine must be located outside;
  • Medium-high cost;
  • Relatively lower efficiency than vapour compressor;
  • Maximum cooling temperature is limited to 30°C below the external air temperature.

Examples of the technology

Examples of the technology applications

It has already been utilised in several African countries by SOLAREF.



For further information download the Guidelines.


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