Canning and sterilization



Canning is a thermal treatment of food products to render them free of pathogenic microorganisms. Sterilization is the complete destruction or elimination of all viable organisms in food products. The sterilization process consists in heating the food to a temperature in the range of 110°C–125°C until the central portion of the product reaches the requested temperature.





  • A safe and economical way to preserve quality food;
  • Lightweight, portable system;
  • Simple to carry out;
  • Not dependent on weather conditions;
  • Low equipment cost;
  • No mechanical components are required.


  • Energy source is needed to heat the water to boiling;
  • Sealed jars are needed;
  • Modification in physical, chemical and nutritional properties of food;
  • Fuel consumption.

Examples of the technology

Examples of the technology applications

This technology is presently available on several markets and populations.


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