Packaging process is recommended to avoid contamination or recontamination of the treated food. Although these measures are not considered preservation techniques, they can play an important role in producing safe high-quality food. In fact, environmental factors, such as temperature, relative humidity, and light intensity or other external factors affect the nutritional quality and edibility of foods. The main purpose of food packaging is to protect the product from its surroundings, maintain the quality of the food and facilitating its storage. Packaging materials may be grouped into flexible materials such as plastic films, foils, papers and textiles, and rigid materials such as glass, metals, and hard plastics.





  • It reduces biological and physical contamination;
  • A safe and economical way to preserve quality food;
  • An excellent way of preserving the freshness of food products and increasing their conservation time;
  • Very simple to use;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Not dependent on weather and local conditions.


  • This method needs a basic equipment;
  • After packing, proper food storage should be considered.

Examples of the technology

Examples of the technology applications

This technology is presently available on several markets.


For further information download the Guidelines.


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